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Russia takes the second place, according to the commission of the UN, on number to number of labor migrants of visitors from abroad. For fuller adaptation in the Russian society migrants are offered to learn Russian better to understand culture, traditions and a way of life of the people of Russia.

The linguistic barrier prevents migrants to accustom to the new language environment fully. Without knowing Russian, labor migrants separate from themselves full-fledged life in the Russian Federation, interrelation with local population, are an irritant of local population, objects of groundless claims and attacks.

The knowledge of language visitors is one of the main conditions for successful accommodation, adaptation and work in the Russian society.

In the Russian Federation the state program of testing and certification of migrants for knowledge of Russian is accepted. To each foreigner who plans to live and work in the territory of the Russian Federation suggest to pass test of TRKI (The test on Russian as foreign) and to receive the certificate on knowledge of Russian.

The system of testing assumes six levels of knowledge of Russian as foreign.

Levels of proficiency in Russian according to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of 01.04.2014 No. 255 "About approval of levels of proficiency in Russian as a foreign language and requirements to them"

Elementary (TEU/A1);
Basic for migrant workers (TBUM/A1);
Basic (TBU/A2);
First (TRKI-1/V1);
Second (TRKI-II/V2);
Third (TRKI-III/S1);
Fourth (TPKI-IV/C2).

In the course of testing the special commission determines the level of knowledge and extent of ownership of Russian from the elementary level where it is meant elementary knowledge of Russian, a capability to understand simple sentences, ability to tell about itself, to read and understand simple sentences at the household level, to the fourth level i.e. free ownership.

Based on the conclusion of the commission you have the right to receive the certificate of the foreign citizen on knowledge of Russian which is necessary for receipt of citizenship of the Russian Federation subsequently.

The first elementary level allows foreigners to work in the sphere of housing and communal services, consumer services and retail trade.

The second "basic" level of proficiency in Russian allows the foreign citizen to obtain citizenship of Russia.

The certificates certificating knowledge level the foreigner of Russian has the right to issue only educational institutions having corresponding powers and permissions.