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If continuous recording is available only to citizens of the Russian Federation, the temporary registration, the procedure that must be provided to all foreign citizens, persons without citizenship and citizens of Russia, who for various reasons are forced to live in the residential area other than their permanent registration (propiska).

For example, a Russian citizen goes to work or on a business trip to another region for a period of more than 90 days and wants to enjoy all the benefits of registered citizens of the Russian Federation.

Which requires temporary registration of citizens of the Russian Federation:

• You can officially employed.
• If you experience problems with your health You can go to the clinic at the place of registration.
• Be registered in military registration and enlistment office.
• Reduce the amount of payment for housing and communal services at the place of permanent residence.
• To draw the child in kindergarten or school.
• Are entitled to the loan.
• Use in cases where necessary temporary registration.

If the citizen of the Russian Federation residing in the hotel, the temporary registration is automatically provided when you check in at the hotel during their stay. If the citizen of the Russian Federation relieves housing, landlord shall prepare the documents (application form, original and copy of the license for the provision of services for rental of real estate, a copy of the document on the ownership of residential premises where you intend to register) to provide to the passport office. After approval, the landlord will give you a list-notification, you have to give workers the migration service, which will give you all the necessary stamps in the documents.

When making temporary or permanent registration, your data are entered in the register of residents of the apartments and in the book of house keeping.

Looks like the certificate of temporary registration?

Temporary registration for foreign citizens.

The appearance of temporary registration may differ depending on the branch of the Federal migration service issued the document may also change the color, the style, the form of the document, but there is always a General graphs are required. Below shows the most common form of document provisional registration of citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation. The document has turned out as a rule A4, but it could be A5 (half A4).

The appearance of temporary registration

If the foreign citizen has arrived to the territory of the Russian Federation for a period of more than 7 days, you need to register and get a temporary registration, and if the alien intends to work, he must obtain a work permit.

Foreign citizen is obliged within three working days after arrival to register with the migration service, as well as apply for registration temporary registration within 7 days.

Temporary registration of foreign citizens is a necessary condition for obtaining a work permit. Without registration, or if the foreigner does not have a migration card, make a resolution to work impossible.
For foreign citizens is available only temporary registration on the basis of any document, this rule is effective from 2002.

For example: when crossing the border, the alien shall be given a migration card, its possible to make a temporary registration for a period of 3 months, it is for the duration of the migration card.

Receiving at the Federal Migration Service of the temporary residence permit you can make a temporary registration for a period of 3 years. On the basis of a residence permit, which is obtained at the Federal Migration Service, you can do the registration for a period of 5 years.

If You have a work permit in the Russian Federation and the contract with your employer, You are eligible to register for a period of 1 year.

As can be seen from the foregoing, temporary registration is always issued on the basis of any document.

Temporary registration of foreign citizens is issued at the place of actual residence of a foreigner, both on private and legal address of the organizations and firms. So the service time of registration undertake hotels, resorts and motels, etc. that are faced by a foreigner.

CIS citizens can stay in Russia without a work permit - 3 months, if the work permit is 1 year, the period may be extended in the case of the renewal of the work permit (work). Also stay on the territory of the Russian Federation allowed foreigners 1 year in teaching in educational institutions of Russia and the availability of student ID.

Documents required for temporary registration for a period of three months:

• Photocopy of the passport.
• A copy of the migration card, which does not exceed 7 working days from the date when the foreign national has crossed the border.

Documents required for temporary registration for a period of one year:

1. Copy of the passport.
2. A copy of the work permit.
3. The temporary copy of the previous registration.
4. The original copy of the migration card.

When temporary registration for one year, the foreigner must have a valid work permit.
Removing foreigners from the register at the place of stay.

Removal of foreign citizens from registration by place of residence automatically upon expiration of the temporary registration. If you want you can apply for early withdrawal from registration of a foreign citizen.

In addition, when the departure of a foreigner receiving party shall, within 3 working days to provide FMS tear of the temporary registration certificate or send by email, failure to do so entails an administrative fine in the amount from 2 to 5 thousand rubles for each alien.

If You have any difficulties with temporary registration in the Russian Federation, do not delay, call now, our specialists will consult You on all questions related to registration in Russia. We are ready to provide You with all the documents necessary for obtaining a temporary registration in the Russian Federation, to accompany You to retrieve the desired documents.