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Permanent residence permit can be obtained only persons wishing to reside permanently on the territory of the Republic of Ukraine and received within quotas on immigration immigration permit.

Who of foreign citizens and stateless persons have the right to obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine?

Permanent residence permit in Ukraine have the right to receive:

Former Ukrainian citizens who renounced citizenship of Ukraine and remaining permanently reside on the territory of Ukraine.
Foreign citizens and persons without citizenship, who have the right to immigrate to Ukraine for permanent residence under the immigration Permit.

The advantage of persons with a permanent residence permit in Ukraine:

• does not require a work permit in Ukraine;

• the right to receive visas to travel to other countries in the Ukrainian embassies and consulates;

• does not require registration in OVIR;

• the foreigner or the stateless person has all the rights of a citizen of Ukraine, except for the election;

• the right to obtain loans for the purchase of anything in Ukraine (including housing and car);

• the right to the citizenship of Ukraine;


An immigration permit, within the quota of immigration can obtain the following categories foreigners and stateless persons:

1. scientific and cultural figures, immigration which Ukraine is interested and who meet the interests of Ukraine,

2. professionals and highly-skilled employees, which is an acute need for the economy of Ukraine,

3. persons who are foreign investors in the Ukrainian economy, which has invested converted foreign currency, an amount not less than 100 (one hundred) thousands of U.S. dollars,

4. persons who have relatives who are citizens of Ukraine, namely full-blooded brothers or sisters, grandfathers, or grandmothers, grandsons or granddaughters,

5. persons who previously was a citizen of Ukraine,

6. person whose spouse, parents immigrants in Ukraine and their minor children,

7. persons who permanently reside in Ukraine for three years or more from the date of granting of refugee status in Ukraine or asylum in Ukraine, as well as their parents, spouse and minor children residing with them,


The resolution on immigration immigration quota is available:

the couple, who married more than 2 years or more and one of the spouses is a citizen of Ukraine, parents and children citizens of Ukraine;

guardians or Trustees of the citizens of Ukraine, or who are in the care of citizens of Ukraine;

persons the right to acquire the citizenship of Ukraine by territorial origin;

immigrants, representing state interest for Ukraine;

Ukrainians residing abroad, spouses of foreign Ukrainians and their children in case of their General entry and stay on the territory of Ukraine.


Grounds for refusal to grant immigration permission are:

• persons with active TB,

• HIV-infected,

• persons with other infectious diseases in the acute stage, the recovery period or the end of the period of carriage of infectious diseases in accordance with the International statistical classification of diseases 10th revision (ICD-10), 43 adopted by the world health Assembly.


The documents necessary for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine.

• The application form.

• Immigration application.

• Translation passport certified by a notary or in translation.

• Migration card, and a copy of the page with registration, border crossing.

• Copies of passports of close relatives of immigrants who are citizens of Ukraine (parents, children, spouse, brother or sister).

• Copies of documents confirming the close relationship (birth certificate or marriage certificate).

• Copy of birth certificate of children up to 16 years.

• A statement that the owner of the apartment or house where you will live the immigrant has no objection to the registration of a foreigner in his address, certified by the head of the housing Department.

• Medical certificate of absence of HIV / AIDS and TB, help from the psychiatrist (certificate), diphtheria, meningococcal disease, pathogenic.

• Certificate of good conduct from the previous place of residence (according to p. 4 and 6, including 2 article 4 of the law of Ukraine "On immigration").

• 6 photo cards (matte paper).

• 2 envelope.

• Certificate of clearance in Ukraine.

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