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A foreign citizen or a stateless person, arriving in the Russian Federation are obliged to register. The term in which the foreigner has to register is 7 working days from the day of entry. The migration registration of a foreign citizen carries host.

As the receiving party may serve citizens of the Russian Federation, foreigners permanently residing in the Russian Federation, persons without citizenship, who have a residence permit, a legal entity, with which the foreign citizen actually lives or works.

Foreign nationals in the place of residence must show the host side of their identity and migration card. The receiving party shall fill out the form notification of arrival of the foreign citizen on the basis of the presented documents.

For registration of a foreign citizen, the receiving party through the Russian post or personally goes to the territorial bodies of the Federal migration service with the presentation of the following documents:

• Copy of the identity card.
• A copy of the migration card.
• Notification of the arrival of a foreigner.

The FMS staff after verification of the documents, put corresponding marks in the "Tear-off part of the notice and return it to the receiving side.

The detachable part is a document confirming the registration of a foreign citizen in the migration.
When changing the place of stay or upon departure of the foreign citizen from the Russian Federation detachable part of the arrival notification is kept by the foreigner.

Arriving at their new residence, the detachable part of the arrival notification, is presented to the receiving side together with the other documents.  On the basis of the presented documents to the foreign citizen is issued a detachable part of the new arrival notification, which contains the address of the previous stay of a foreign citizen.

The migration registration guarantees a foreign citizen rights in Russia.

A foreigner who arrived in the Russian Federation, has the right to:

• free movement on the territory of the Russian Federation.
• to choose their place of stay and residence within the Russian Federation.
• To apply to the court for violation of their rights.

The duties of a foreign citizen in the migration registration

• To provide authentic information.
• Register at the place of residence and to register.
• Temporarily residing foreigners must register with the Federal migration service at the place of stay.
• If the owner of the premises for a temporary stay of foreigners is a foreign citizen or a foreign company they perform hosting responsibilities for the registration of persons in the living room.

Foreign citizen is obliged to register in the following cases:

• Upon arrival to the Russian Federation.
• At birth in Russia and is not acquiring the citizenship of the Russian Federation.
• Loss of citizenship of the Russian Federation.
Grounds for deregistration:
• Departure from the territory of the Russian Federation.
• The acquisition of citizenship of the Russian Federation.
• The death of a foreigner in Russia.
• The court's recognition of a foreigner missing or dead.

"OO Resettlement assists foreign nationals in legal migration registration. All data entered into the database migration registration of the FMS.

If You fail to register within 7 days from the date of entry into the Russian Federation. If You want to change your registration to legal. If You have any difficulties with the migration service of the Russian Federation, in particular with the migration registration, obtaining required for legal stay on the territory of the Russian Federation documents, do not delay, call now+373 552 74455, +373 68 088284, +373 775 31356, our specialists will consult You on all questions of migration registration and, if necessary, we will help You through all the necessary procedures for legal and comfortable stay in Russia.