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In connection with the increase in the number of labour migrants restriction on the entry of foreign workers need to protect their labour market state from the influx of migrant workers.

The governments of all countries annually establishes restrictions (quotas) on the number of foreign citizens arriving for residence and employment, as well as immigrants who wish to become full citizens of these countries.

To get a quote on the use of foreign labour, the employer must apply for the allocation to him of quotas for foreign workers in the territorial body of the Federal Migration Service of Russian FMS. The application must be filed in the first half of the year to obtain quotas for the next year.

Application for allocation of quotas is regulated by official government Decree No. 783 dated December 22, 2006

Execution of documents (work permit), which entitle the foreigner to work in Russia should be completed by the employer. Also, the employer, applying quotas must specify the number of foreign workers, the profession that should be allocated quota. Foreign workers should be provided with housing, a policy of Voluntary medical insurance (VMI), wages that also must be indicated in the statement. After approval of the quota of the territorial body of the FMS, the company submits information about the number of employees in the employment center.

So, in order to obtain quotas for foreign workers, the management company will need to gather a considerable package of documents. And since there are strict time limits, it is necessary to issue all necessary permits as early as possible.

What needs to be done to raise the quota of work permits in the company of foreign nationals from visa entry regime?

To attract foreign specialists from other States with entry visa regime is established the following procedure:

1.  The company previously applying in MKSTO (before may 1 of the current year) with a request for allocation of quotas for foreign labour. Application for quotas is a notice only, although mandatory. Figure set quotas based on all collected applications. It shows data about wages, about the nature of work, qualifications of employees, country of citizenship of a future employee.

2.  After the establishment and approval of quotas for foreign workers, the employer has the right to contact the local employment office to supply information needed foreign labour force.

3. By the end of the month after the filing of the information in the center of employment, the employer shall submit an application to the territorial office of the FMS of grant of permission for foreign workers.

4. Each foreign worker is guaranteed employment on the territory of the Russian Federation, in accordance with approved work quota. The company received permission to employ foreign nationals must obtain each employee's personal permission.

5. The company shall be registered in the office of the Federal Migration Service, this allows it to issue invitations for working visas in the Russian Federation for foreign citizens. Workers from abroad are invited to a Russian company for the duration of a work visa. If necessary, the validity of the visa can be extended, as well as provide assistance in obtaining visas for all family members of a foreign worker.

Citizen of a foreign state, received an invitation from the employer has the right to engage in labor activities in the Russian Federation with the work permit. The company invited the foreigner is obliged within three days after entry of a foreign worker in the country to notify the Federal Migration Service - FMS.

Each of the stage of obtaining the quota work permit to work in his company foreign specialists requires a professional approach and fill the competent multiple documents, papers, collecting references. The process can be faster and easier if assistance in obtaining quotas for foreign specialists will have a special company that specializes in providing assistance in preparation of documents for obtaining quotas for foreign workers.

OO Relocation specializes in providing assistance in the procurement of the necessary documents and their correct filling. Our specialists will provide professional assistance in obtaining quotas and will go through all the steps of issuing all permits.