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You have Russian citizenship, but you don't know the intricacies of the law?
In what state structures need to apply for Russian citizenship?
How to get Russian citizenship legally without getting a waiver?
Much time and money will be spent on the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship?

These and many other questions we ask people who wish to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation. The process of obtaining Russian citizenship is very difficult and long, but if You know the intricacies of the design of such documents, You will not be difficult to quickly obtain Russian citizenship. If You are not a specialist, we offer assistance in obtaining Russian citizenship to citizens of Moldova, Ukraine, stateless persons, citizens of the PMR.

Turning to the NGO Resettlement You are guaranteed to get:

• The legitimacy obtained through NGO Resettlement documents confirming citizenship of Russia, You don't have to worry about the authenticity of all received in our documents.
• Professional advice on citizenship of the Russian Federation, tips, advice, the responsibility of our staff will assist You promptly to complete and get all the documents confirming lawful for You to receive Russian citizenship.
• You don't have to stand in long queues and Abbiati thresholds of various state agencies receiving the necessary information and making the necessary paperwork, we will do everything for You.
• Our experts will accompany You at all stages of registration of citizenship of the Russian Federation, and You will PERSONALLY receive the documents in Government agencies.
• Individual approach in solving Your problem and search for optimal ways to minimize processing time of all permits.
• Cooperating with us, You get to set the result to obtain citizenship Russia promptly and with minimal cost to You.

For citizens born before 1991, there is a simplified diagram of the citizenship of the Russian Federation under the Program of voluntary resettlement of compatriots living abroad to the Russian Federation, which was approved by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 637, dated 22 June 2006.

In any cases, you can obtain Russian citizenship legally:

• by birth;
• citizenship of the person;
• when restoring the citizenship of the Russian Federation;
• on the basis of other conditions specified in applicable Federal law or international Treaty of the Russian Federation.

As we help?

• Detailed consultations of foreign nationals, taking into account individual peculiarities of each specific case.
• Prepare an accurate list of documents required for submission to the FMS (this is Your base and on the parameters of Your situation).
• Will refer to the passage mandatory state testing in the Russian language.
• Provide information on the correct execution of the waiver of existing citizenship.
• Here are the documents in the proper form and in accordance with all requirements of applicable law.
• Fully notary will prepare the necessary documents (translations, notarized copies).
• Pay the state duty for admission to citizenship of the Russian Federation.
• Pre-agree on the complete package of documents with the FMS.
• Our lawyer will accompany You for submitting documents to the authorized bodies of the FMS of Russia.
• Inform You about the progress a hearing after filing.
• Timely notify You of its decision on Your case.
• Will assist in obtaining the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.

With Russian citizenship, You will gain confidence in the future!

We do not sell passports of citizens of the Russian Federation!