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According to the Federal law on the procedure of entry into the Russian Federation and departure from the Russian Federation" (adopted by the State Duma of the Russian Federation from 18.07.96 g) article No. 24, Foreign nationals may enter the Russian Federation and leave the Russian Federation with the visa on existing documents proving their identity".

VISA (visa) is an entry in the passport (an entry in a passport or other document made by the authorized bodies, authorizing the holder of the document to follow at a crossing point of a foreign state.

Visas are:
field, issued a foreign country to exit from the exit visa is issued at the check-out citizen of the country);
- entry, are issued by the Consulate or Embassy of the country they are visiting abroad;
transit, issued by the country through which the passenger is in transit to the primary destination (transit visas - it does not entitle the passenger to leave the area station, airport or onboard the aircraft. Transit visa is issued for a certain time by the Embassy of the third country after receiving basic visa).

Visa to visit the country is issued on the basis of invitation.

Invitations are:

• service or business (organization of another country - Russian organizations);
• private (from the alien - citizen of the Russian Federation);
• guest (from travellers for a long time abroad Russian citizen - his compatriot);
• tourism (travel for leisure purposes, treatment, short-term training, participation in sporting events, business seminars).

Depending on the type of invitation issued the following types of visas: transit, private, business, working, tourism.
Registration of visas

After arriving in Russia, the migrant is obliged within three working days to register your visa in FMS. For visa registration in Russia are required to present the identification document (passport), and a migration card with the corresponding marks the border control of lawful entry into the territory of Russia.
Tourist visa

If You are planning a trip to Russia for tourism, visits to sports or cultural events, and recreational facilities, You'll like tourist visa. Tourist visa is issued to a foreigner on the basis of special tourist voucher, which, in fact, is the invitation.
Business visa to Russia. Business invitation.

If You plan on doing business in Russia, You will need a business visa. But to get it you must first decide on getting the business invitation in the country for foreigners. Business invitation for foreigners can be obtained in the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation or the Russian Federal migration service.

Business visa is issued in three versions.

Single entry business visa to the Russian Federation will be suitable for short-term, single trip, for business matters.
Double entry visa to the Russian Federation (permit to stay in the country up to 3 months), fit to visit Russia twice.

Multiple entry visa (multiple entry visas) allows you to repeatedly enter and leave the country. For this visa, a foreigner may stay in the territory of the Russian Federation up to 90 days every six months.

Getting single and double entry business visa to Russia, visa support for foreigners is ot to 5 working days.

The term for multiple entry business visa (multiple entry visa) in the Russian Federation may take from 2 to 22 working days. Invitation for foreign citizens with the subsequent issuance of multiple visas in Russia, takes at least two weeks from the date of filing.
Work visa, work permit in Russia.

In order for a foreigner to get legally to work in Russia must obtain a work visa, but before that, to be invited to work in Russia. The invitation shall be designed by the organization which intends to employ a foreigner. She prepares all the documents to obtain a work visa in Russia, pre justifying the feasibility of attracting foreign workers.

The validity of the invitation for a foreign citizen to work in Russia is not more than 90 days. In the invitation for foreigners clearly indicate the purpose of arrival in Russia - namely, "employment".

Sample list of documents necessary for the alien to work visa to Russia at the Russian Embassy or Consulate:

1. The original invitation to Russia, it States that the term will not exceed 90 days, in the column "Purpose of travel"- "employment";
2. Permission to work in Russia with photo, passport data of the foreign citizen, the validity and details of the host organisation;
3. Visa application form;
4. Insurance;
5. A set of photos.

After the arrival of the foreigner on the territory of the Russian Federation , it is necessary to extend your visa under the term of the work permit. The passport of an alien it will be reflected as a multiple of annual work visa in the Russian Federation.
Educational (student) visa in the Russian Federation.

Educational, student visa issued to a foreign citizen who wishes to receive education or training in the territory of the Russian Federation. The basis for obtaining a student, the student visa is an invitation issued by the educational institution in Russia, which should be registered in the state register of the Russian Federation.
Student visa is valid for 3 months, but if the period of training exceeds this period, the student visa can be extended for the term of the training contract, but not more than 1 year.

To extend a student visa to Russia in the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation at the place of registration of the foreign student.
Transit visa to Russia

Transit visa is issued to a foreign national who is not intended to visit the Russian Federation in connection with the purpose of the movement is forced to cross the Russian border, crosses transit the territory of the Russian Federation.
The validity of a transit visa to Russia is a maximum of 10 days. If a foreigner crosses the territory of Russia by air, the validity of a transit visa is not more than 3 days.
Humanitarian visa

If the visit of a foreigner paired with humanitarian, charitable activities, cultural, sports, scientific activities, religious pilgrimage, establishing contacts between States that he was issued a humanitarian visa to Russia.

Issued humanitarian visa in the Consulate of the Russian Federation at the place of permanent residence of a foreigner on the basis of invitations for foreigners.

Humanitarian visa to Russia can be single, double (allows you to be a foreigner in the Russian Federation up to 3 months) and multiple (visa up to 1 year). Multiple-entry visa, though valid up to 1 year, but has a limitation, a foreigner may stay in the territory of the Russian Federation in total not more than 180 days.
Private visa to Russia

A special type of visa in Russia, it is a private or visitor visa to Russia. Issued a visitor's visa on the basis of an invitation made by the citizen of the Russian Federation, the legal entity, which is officially registered on the territory of the Russian Federation. Also it can get himself a foreigner, if he has a residence permit in Russia. This visa, the alien may be used at any time during the visa validity period is 1 year. The maximum time spent on the territory of the Russian Federation on a visitor's visa is 3 months. Often, registration private visa after submitting the invitation is up to 2 months. Visitor visa to Russia can be single and double. Upon arrival in Russia, the foreigner is obliged within 3 days after crossing the Russian border, register your visa at the place of stay.

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